This assignment project was a part of Springboard’s UI/UX program.

The assignment simulated a real-world E-Commerce project with business goals. The prompt below was given from the ‘client’, which suggested that their firm was having conversion issues.

Project role: Ridin solo

  • Competitor Research
  • User Research
  • Prototyping
  • Product Thinking
  • Visual Design

This case study was an assignment project I did as part of springboard’s UI/UX program using a modified version of GV’s design sprint process

Platform: IOS application

Role: Bitesize UX provided the prompt for this project; my role was to synthesize the research data, brainstorm, design, and test the solutions.

In this case study, I will describe my process for designing an app for college students that would allow them to keep a better track of their college life.This was part of my capstone project for Springboard’s UI/UX program.

Project role: Personal project.

  • User research
  • Prototyping
  • UI design
  • Usability testing.

mihir singh

Problem solving junkie

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